Session 2 EF Qualifiers and All-Americans

The second session of NCAA prelims is complete and more gymnasts have qualified to the event finals that will take place on Sunday starting at 4pm ET. As with the first session, the top-4 gymnasts on each event including ties from each session qualified to finals and earned first-team All-American honors. Gymnasts placing fifth through eighth will earn second-team All-American honors.

Bridget Sloan won the 2013 NCAA All Around title with a total of 39.6.

Bridget Sloan won the 2013 NCAA All Around title with a total of 39.6.

In all, there will be a whopping 24 gymnasts competing in the vault final! But with the new rule that gymnasts only have to do one vault in competition coming into effect, this final shouldn’t take nearly as long as it once would have.

The all around champion was also decided after all competition had ended. Florida’s Bridget Sloan came out victorious after her 39.6 held up through the second session. LSU’s Rheagan Courville finished second and there was a four-way tie for third. 2012 champ Kytra Hunter finished seventh in the all around standings.

Event Finalists and First-Team All-Americans


1T. Joanna Sampson (Michigan), Kaelie Baer (UCLA)- 9.95

3T. Caitlin Atkinson (Auburn), Lauren Beers (Alabama), Diandra Milliner (Alabama), Kaitlyn Clark (Alabama), Madison Mooring (Oklahoma), Lichelle Wong (UCLA), Olivia Courtney (UCLA), Vanessa Zamarripa (UCLA), Tory Wilson (Utah)- 9.9


1T. Erica Brewer (Oklahoma), Georgia Dabritz (Utah)- 9.95

3T. Rebecca Clark (Oklahoma), Nansy Damianova (Utah)- 9.925


1T. Kayla Williams (Alabama), Danusia Francis (UCLA)- 9.9

3T. Katie Zurales (Michigan), Erica Brewer (Oklahoma)- 9.875


1T. Diandra Milliner (Alabama), Katherine Grable (Arkansas), Olivia Courtney (UCLA)- 9.95

4T. Kim Jacob (Alabama), Joanna Sampson (Michigan), Nansy Damianova (Utah)- 9.925

All Around

1. Bridget Sloan (Florida)- 39.6

2. Rheagan Courville (LSU)- 39.575

3T. Emily Wong (Nebraska), Marissa King (Florida)- 39.525

Second-Team All-Americans


No gymnasts placed 5-8 on vault — the next highest finisher after the tie for fourth was 12th.


Ashley Priess (Alabama), Katie Zurales (Michigan), Brittnee Martinez (Michigan), Taylor Spears (Oklahoma), Sophnia DeJesus (UCLA), Haliee Hansen (Utah)


Diandra Milliner (Alabama), Sarah DeMeo (Alabama), Kim Jacob (Alabama), Breanna Hughes (Utah)


Katie Zurales (Michigan), Brie Olson (Oklahoma), Vanessa Zamarripa (UCLA), Alyssa Pritchett (UCLA), Becky Tutka (Utah)

All Around

Katherine Grable (Arkansas), Georgia Dabritz (Utah), Kytra Hunter (Florida)


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