More than a Sporting Event

As some of you might know from Twitter or just about me in general, I cannot wait for the Olympics to begin. The Games bring about a unity in people that you can’t find many other places. They’re a time for people to put aside frustrations or other disagreements they might be feeling at the time and unite with sports.

I’ve said before that the summer Olympics are my favorite, but that’s mainly because of the gymnastics. When I step back and think about it more, I really enjoy the winter Olympics as a whole more. Apart from figure skating — which just isn’t my cup of tea — I love every event performed. From snowboarding to curling, I plan on watching it all. I plan on staying up until 7 a.m., watching Danny Davis, Greg Bretz and Shaun White in the halfpipe. I plan on coming straight home from class just to catch mark McMorris do Canada proud in the first ever Olympic slopestyle competition. I plan on watching as many hours of curling as I possibly can.

Now let me pause for a second to say that I am an old lady at heart. I enjoy going to bed at 10 p.m. and reading for hours throughout the day. However, the Olympics is the exception to my rule. I will force myself to operate on five hours of sleep if it means getting to see Emery Lehman compete in the long track speed skating competition live. Sure, everything’s going to be replayed throughout the day and during prime time on NBC and other channels, but why wait when events are going on while we sleep?

But the Olympics aren’t just a time for this college student to lay around all day and watch TV or the computer screen for hours on end. They’re more than a sporting event. The Olympics are a time to inspire the next generation into a competitive atmosphere. (I’d like to think that I fall into this category as well, but who am I kidding?) Each event creates a feeling of passion, a feeling of inspiration to get out there and go. Maybe not go to the nearest luge course, but go out and do the best I can do on any activity I attempt.

Something comes over me when the Olympic are on. I feel like I can do anything and everything I want, and nothing can stop me. I get inspired, and I hope others watching do to. But the effect they have over me the most is a desire. A desire to one day be there. Not competing or in the stands (although I wouldn’t say no to that), but sitting on press row, shooting pictures on the arena floor or stressing out over a story as a journalist. The Olympics inspire everyone in a different way, and not matter what that way is, let it overcome you. Let it drive you to do things you never thought were possible before.

(Photo/@Olympics Twitter)

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