Analyzing #NCAAgym Bracket Challenge Data

I like data. And since Google provided me with some nifty graphs with the data fromĀ #NCAAgym Bracket Challenge submissions, I thought I’d post those graphs here so you all can see.

Starting with regionals, out of the 207 people that submitted a bracket, 100% of the entries chose Alabama to advance to nationals. The next highest teams chosen were Oklahoma at 99.5% (206) and LSU and Florida each with 99% (205). Comb through the rest of the teams at regionals in the following pictures. (Click the images to enlarge.)

Next we’ve got the stats on who will make it out of prelims into the Super Six final. Out of 207 submissions, 97.5% had Oklahoma advancing, 95.7% had Florida as one of their six moving on and 94.7% picked LSU. Then, after Alabama with 90.3%, there was a significant drop off with who people picked for their Super Six teams. View all the data below. (Like before, click images to enlarge.)

Finally, we have the winners. Unsurprisingly, 72.4% of the 207 people that submitted a bracket chose co-defending national champion Oklahoma to take it again. Then we had those that didn’t stick to the status quo with 10.6% choosing Florida and 8.7% had LSU. Alabama, Utah, Georgia, Oregon State, Stanford and N.C. State also had a handful of picks. (You should know by now to click images to enlarge.)