Luck-ed Out

“When you’re on your own, you look for signs. Sometimes you make them up, sometimes they’re actually there, but most of the time you can’t tell the difference from the two.” — Cecelia Ahern

I never said I was writing one of these once a week. However, it was implied… Punctuality is normally my thing, but alas, sometimes you just don’t feel like writing.

Last week was the start of week three at the internship. Although things weren’t as busy as they could have been, the week seemed to fly by. Monday was Olympic Day, so the office was all about the World Record being attempted in Pittsburgh (Spoiler alert: A new record was set!). Once we got the news about 735 participants having successfully cartwheeled at the same time (with no collisions or injuries), I filled in the blanks on the release and up it went on the website. I also took the initiative to create a Storify for the event. Although there were that many people tweeting from the Roberto Clemente Bridge, the tweets that did exist were quality ones. With that and my sleuthing skills on Twitter, I was able to find a good number of tweets and pictures from Pittsburgh to use in the curation. I think the final product turned out pretty well, and I hope USA Gym readers liked their first taste at a Storify as well. I also collected clips from all the places that published stories or videos on the World Record event in Pittsburgh. The World Record was seen internationally and was even on the Today Show. I’d say that’s successful promotion.

The press release trend continued with releases on some trampoline national team members traveling to Switzerland to compete (and how they did as well as some juniors that did well), Bill Cosby holding a benefit concert for the Temple men’s gymnastics program and a recap on the Gymnastics for All Nationals that were held in Orlando two weekends ago.

Oh and I almost forgot… There was a tornado warning for our county, which was just lovely! It was actually quiet interesting to watch unfold. Most of the women were talking and running around and talking about going to the basement or going home while most of the men stayed at their desks and continued to work. Funny little dynamic there. If you looked outside, you wouldn’t have been able to guess there was bad weather coming at all. Sure, it was cloudy, but there was no rain, no ominous clouds or anything like that. But from what I learned in my weather class, that doesn’t mean much. Afterward we learned a tornado touched town just outside Indianapolis, but the office and downtown area was fine. The rain we got yesterday was worse than the tornado last week if you want my opinion. The sky was dark like night and the rain so thick you couldn’t see the building next door. I could even hear the thunder rumbling from inside my little cubicle.

With all the excitement with the tornado out of the way, the next day I got to do something even more interesting — listen to a webinar on Google Grants and take notes to later share with the marketing department about the program. I kid with my sarcasm, though. It was actually pretty interesting and some of the things you can do with the program are pretty cool.

That’s pretty much all the work stuff I did last week besides the ususal scanning of pictures and other “get it done before you leave in August” tasks. I’ll be in Louisville for the USA Gymnastics Championships for seven days helping with the event. I even get some shirts and a jacket to wear while I’m there! For those of you who know me well, you know I looove apparel of any sort. I also get to go home TOMORROW for the Fourth of July! I’m more excited than words can say. It’s only been four-ish weeks, but it’s felt much longer. It’ll also be the first time I ride on a plane by myself. I’m not nervous since I’ve done it so many times before, but still. Intimidating at first.

As for non-work activities, I visited the Indianapolis Zoo Saturday. It’s similar to the Atlanta Zoo but has an aquarium (“ocean”) area and a brand new orangutan exhibit that’s pretty neat. There was also a short dolphin show that was pretty cool as well. Sunday was all about relaxing.

Counting down the hours until Georgia. Decatur. And The South.

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