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“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

IMG_3823 Another week is gone and the pace definitely picked up just as my boss said it would. I was going non-stop for what felt like every moment of each day. From meetings to releases to planning and prep for Monday’s Olympic day and this weekend’s Rhythmic National Qualifier, it was one hectic week.

At the beginning of the week, which feels like an eternity ago, I drafted up skeleton releases for the rhythmic national qualifier happening this weekend. The top junior and senior finishers will go on to the USA Gymnastics Championships in Louisville in mid-July. I also wrote the field of competitors release and learned a pretty cool trick with Excel that automatically put the names into the format we use on that release (Elizabeth Grimsley, Decatur, Ga./Atlanta Gymnastics Center). I might have nerded out a bit with how cool it was… I also wrote about the recent success some of the rhythmic national team members have had internationally as well as a preview for the Gymnastics For All National Championships happening in Orlando, Fla. this weekend.

I also tried my hand at fact sheets for the USA Gymnastics Championships and P&G Championships, which are basically documents saying everything people involved with the events need to know about said events — times, schedule, location, contact info, etc. There was also a release on the T&T scholarship winners and an article for the magazine on the T&T competitors at the Elite Challenge. If I can’t call myself an expert at writing press releases by the end of this summer, something will have gone terribly wrong. I am still trying to get used to the “no fluff” approach.

IMG_3747On Thursday, I got out of the office for lunch with two of the girls in the office. One of them works with Steve Penny and the other works in the women’s program. She’s basically the Hagrid of the office being the keeper of keys/secrets with the women’s program. But of course, we’re not allowed to know any of the juicy information, haha. We ate at a place called Potbelly, which had sandwiches and soup and whatnot. It was nice spending time with people closer to my age/with people in general and not eating at my desk and reading on my iPad during lunch. I also though it was funny that they thought it was so hot and humid outside when it was only in the mid-80s. Normally I’m the one saying how hot it is, but this is nothing compared to Georgia! The fact that it can rain at any moment is more like home though. I swear it can be sunny one moment and then downpour the next. It did cause some amazing sunsets though.

Back at the office the planning and preparation for tomorrow’s Olympic day celebration and cartwheel world record attempt was in high gear. I wrote up a release previewing the whole celebration and how USA Gymnastics was involved as well as one to use after we break the world record if all goes well. I also got to think of a hashtag for people to use at the event and photoshopped signs reminding people to use that hashtag when posting to social media. I might also get to do a Storify of the event! Finally something I’m good at and that’s exciting! I also had my fair share of “intern” duties with looking up and making sure the former FIG U.S. representative’s information was correct as well as more scanning and proofing. I really do enjoy proofing though. Call me crazy.

IMG_3803 IMG_3784 IMG_3775

As for non-work related stuff, I had a busy Saturday! A guy I met in the workout room from Puerto Rico told me the NCAA Hall of Champions museum was very cool, so that tipped me over the edge on whether or not to do that this weekend. He was right, though. The bottom floor had a display for all 23 NCAA sports as well as a TV for each with trivia, multimedia, a list of colleges and other stuff about the sports. Who knew bowling, rifle shooting and skiing were NCAA sports? Of course, I gravitated toward the gymnastics section. The Gym Dogs were rightfully featured, but the information was outdated and obviously created in 2008 after the team’s four-straight NCAA title but before the last of the streak. Although I’m a gym-junkie, learning about all of the various sports was very cool. Then, the second floor was more interactive with a basketball hoop, climbing rope, rings, a ski simulator, station to call wresting pin-downs, as well as fencing spears (???), pole vaulting poles and javelins to feel how light each are.

IMG_3912After that, I hit up the Eiteljorg Museum for the Ansel Adams exhibit, which was simply fantastic. I can’t say enough good words about it. The prints were fantastic and so crisp and clear and the exhibit had many prints I had never seen before. But it wasn’t just the prints. Quotes from Adams about how he shot some of the images and what was going on when he did and the processes he went through in the darkroom as well as facts about him in general were scattered around the rooms. I will go back in a heartbeat if I find I have time. I also managed my second Chich-fil-a visit in as many weeks and got semi-tan versus red for once! Today’s all about relaxing, spending time in the sun if it doesn’t rain and actually reading some for fun before another hectic week starts again.

IMG_3679I also forgot to mention how the baseball game was last Sunday. A couple words describe it well — hot, murder. The braves got killed and it was a scorcher. But overall it was fun, so that’s all that matters, right? I really enjoyed Victory Field — and my seats weren’t too shabby either as I was two rows back from home plate for only $15. The park overlooks the Indianapolis skyline and there’s a nice lawn i the outfield. I would definitely go back.

On tap is a feature on Youth Olympic Games rhythmic gymnast Laura Zeng, more help with the International Triathlon Union’s 25th anniversary (back from my sports media relations class) as well as Monday’s Olympic Day and much, much more. Only a week and a half until I come home for the Fourth!

Until next time.